* Updated News; Settlement reached and ICSID Arbitration withdrawn

A settlement has been reached with the Government of Grenada. See the statement regarding the resolution here – Joint Statement for Settlement


This site has been created for interested parties to gain a understanding of the unlawful actions taken by the previous administration of the Government of Grenada, in breach of an international treaty and signed agreements with the developer, to block completion of Kawana Bay, the most significant CBI project in Grenada.

Above are links that will clearly explain the details and the timeline of events and provide a copy of the arbitration demand that has been filed at ICSID, the World Bank arbitration venue to resolve international investor disputes with sovereign nations.

Where appropriate, supporting documents are included as well as a FAQ section, which tries to answer relevant questions the developer has received since this dispute was made public in May 2021.

This site will be updated continuously as the arbitration proceedings progress.